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“The quality of NOi’s work, their willingness to adapt to our needs and their competitive pricing are all major considerations for choosing their company.”

Bob Gourlay, Vice President,
Gourlay Quality Services

Case Studies

Providing a consultative educational approach enhances client knowledge and production.

Challenge: A large consumer coupon provider was faced with the need to integrate a number of multi-image advertisements in a single consumer direct mail piece. A unique balance was required so that each advertiser’s coupons were seriously considered and utilized to drive business.

Solution: NOi utilized a consultative approach and visited the client’s business to assist in the technical aspects of the graphic design phase of the project. This would ensure that the design approach accurately and effectively represented each of the coupon providers while keeping the overall cost of printing down. NOi also discovered a unique way of using a new postal service that maximized space utilization and significantly reduced postage expense.

Result: The Fine Selections coupon guide production schedule was dramatically reduced, saving the client money while reducing the delivery schedule. Today, the guide reaches 30% more consumers resulting in a very satisfied group of coupon providers.

Going above and beyond to help a client in need builds life-long trust and loyalty.

Challenge: A client in the premium and promotion business was asked to create an integrated launch strategy for the opening of a new learning center for children. The program included posters, brochures, point-of-sale pieces and post cards totaling over 50,000 pieces. The client suddenly became ill and could not directly oversee the development and implementation of the launch program.

Solution: Based on the level of trust NOi had developed with their client, Vice President Doug McCarthy assumed management responsibility for ensuring that all of the design elements and promotional components were accurately produced and delivered in time for the successful launch of the new learning center. He transparently interfaced with the promotion company’s staff and the learning center owners to accomplished this feat from 3000 miles away as their client was located in California.

Result: The center was successfully opened while the client recovered from her illness. The entire process was completely transparent to the learning center owners. They are still loyal customers to the west coast promotion company and NOi’s trust and credibility were exponentially reinforced.

Supply chain continuity and accountability is the life-blood of any business.

Challenge: Regional super-market giant Wegmans, was concerned about the quality and delivery of their store gift card program. The production, serialization and tipping process required flawless accuracy and the highest quality standards. On-time delivery was critical and Wegmans could not tolerate being held hostage by its supplier.

Solution: NOi realized the opportunity to acquire a new line of business so they invested in new technology to meet and exceed all of the customer’s requirements. The new technology combined with a well-trained staff gave NOi the competitive advantage.

Result: Lead-time to deliver was reduced by 30% while enhancing Wegmans’ supply chain effectiveness. Wegmans continues to rely on NOi in this highly critical supply chain relationship. The gift-card application process continues to be a growing segment of NOi’s business.

Developing a true strategic partnership only occurs when you help you client build long-term relationships with their customers.

Challenge: Wegmans Supermarkets utilizes thousands of in-store promotion kits each week to enhance the shopping experience of each consumer. The selection and packaging of specific pieces for individual stores requires flawless accuracy and very swift response times.

Solution: Utilizing a sophisticated tracking system and highly trained employees, NOi was able to successfully provide Wegmans with a superior pick-and-pack process. This highly effective process is both nimble and flexible and can be reconfigured to meet a variety of client needs.

Result: Store promotions are continually delivered on time and in the correct quantities ensuring Wegmans customers are aware and take advantage of all in-store promotions. This process significantly contributes to customer loyalty while increasing Wegmans’ share of the consumer’s wallet. The pick-and-pack application continues to be a growing segment of NOi’s business.